What we do

Simply put, we build manufacturing machines that our clients want. The machines we build must work efficiently and effectively, but they also must incorporate all the knowledge and experience of our clients. We strive to build each machine to our clients’ specification with superior engineering and acute attention to detail.
Packaging Machinery

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd as well as deliver their products to the consumer faster and more efficiently. The packaging of a product is where the manufacturer meets the consumer and that is where we come in. Packaging machines must adapt to the ever changing needs of the manufacturer. As packaging machinery specialists, we provide our clients with the most advanced technology solutions.
Production Line Engineering  
Being the leading packaging machinery maker is not the only area of expertise we are able to provide for our clients. We also provide advisory services on factory efficiency. For a machine to be 100% effective, there are a number of factors that must be considered which cannot be resolved by the machines alone. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to design every detail, from an efficient layout of the new and existing machines, selection of the best packaging material, to the set up of the machines to create an optimal work flow environment. We offer our clients a complete solution to their manufacturing questions.
IT Related Machinery

Beginning with the development of the fully automated plastic CD case maker, the CD P-caser, our IT related casing machines have become extremely popular. We were the first to develop the world’s first fully automated DVD inserter which is capable of 100 sets per minute output.

Liquid crystal displays, condensers, and batteries are only a few of the many parts essential to the IT industry. Initially it was a significant challenge to develop machines to put together such delicate and intricate equipment, but we have succeeded in becoming a leader in this area as well.