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Cartoning Machine (Cartoner)
Manufacturing machines for food, pharmaceuticals, and beauty products all require an automated individual packaging machine: the Cartoner. At Kyoto Seisakusho, we have a variety of Cartoners for the varying shapes and sizes of all of our clientsf products. Please do not hesitate to ask us about our cartoners.
The new continuous motion cartoners in our popular VARIO series are here.

The VARIO series machines are our balcony type continuous motion cartoners that are widely used in the pharmaceutical, beauty, and food industries.

Instead of having the filling section that is traditionally in the front of the machine the product packets are positioned towards the back of the cartoner conveyer line allowing for ease of restocking cartons as well as making cleaning and maintenance of the machine easier to access.
Continuous Motion Cartoner <<VARIO-C4.5>>
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Continuous Motion Cartoner <<VARIO-C7.5>>
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Intermittent-Motion Cartoner
VARIO-I Series
ŠΤŒ‡ƒ‚[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ƒJ[ƒgƒi[^ˆγ–ς‹ΖŠEŒό‚― The VARIO-I series are balcony type machines which allow for quick discovery and removal of fallen leaflets. Cleaning and maintenance of the machine is also easy to access. The drive section and the box erection and piling section are completely segregated making it ideal for GMP. The leaflets are inserted at packaging using the original Servo controls which allows for a much more reliable insertion. The digital indicator equipped handles make adjusting for various sizes an easy task. The mechanical drive is highly reliable and shows superior durability with noise reduction features.

Continuous Motion Horizontal Cartoner
@ ‚j‚b-‚P‚O‚O‚e
@ ‰‘Œ^˜A‘±ƒJ[ƒgƒi[ KC-100F This is our newest Continuous Motion Cartoner which we designed with emphasis on reliability and ease of adjustment. This machine can quickly pile and stack multiple products even with different shapes. It is a highly efficient choice with the added benefit of substantial energy savings. There are many optional attachment features, such as the document inserter, are also available.

Vertical Cartoner
VCL Series
cŒ^ƒJ[ƒgƒi[ The VCL Series packages various products that are packaged in clear plastic cartons. This machine has a linear layout without any rotary type sections making it an easy addition to existing manufacturing lines. We also offer abundant options which include various robotic selections which greatly enhance the scope of this machine.

cŒ^ƒJ[ƒgƒi[^ƒXƒJƒ‰Œ^ƒƒ{ƒbƒg“±“όƒ^ƒCƒv The KVC-70 uses a SCARA robot in an incredibly compact design which makes it any easy addition to any existing packaging line. Various testing features come standard with this machine and GMP compatible quality control features are also standard features. The KVC-70 is compatible with packaging specification PTP300T ? 3000T. It also boasts a digital indicator on the handles for ease of adjustment.