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Corrugated Cardboard Caser
Our corrugated cardboard casers are widely used and very popular amongst our clients. Utilizing our many years of experience with designing these machines, we are able to provide our clients with not only a high speed stable solution, but also out rightly obvious cost savings. We offer various specifications to meet our clientsf needs.

Horizontal Setup Caser
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@ Horizontal Setup Caser This is our newest setup caser which focuses on being simple and low cost. This machine can handle both tape or hot melt sealing methods and its smaller footprint is great for saving space. Click for details

Horizontal Wrap-around Caser
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@ Horizontal Wrap-around Caser With a clean simple look, this caser can be adjusted to fit various shapes and sizes. It quickly and accurately forms cardboard boxes for packaging use. Its small footprint is also an attractive feature for packaging line design. This caser cuts down on the time it takes to reset for different size/shape boxes. Click for details

Vertical Caser
Vertical Caser This balcony type vertical caser has a simple structural design allowing for ease of use and maintenance. With the use if an X-Z type robotic packing system which is capable of stacking items within each box, it is possible to use this machine for a variety of items which would require hand packing. Click for details

Vertical Robotic Caser
Vertical Robotic Caser This caser fully utilizes the technological advantages of robots and performs tasks from stack to packaging all in one. The computer instantly adjusts to various product shapes and dimensions as well as changes in conditions. We can guarantee a more stable, reliable machine.