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P-Caser (DVD, CD, MDs)
In providing the industries the industry with the first cassette tape packaging machine, our focus on this area of portable recording devices has never changed. Today, we are proud to offer the fastest packaging machines that offer superior ease of use, technology and reliability. This is the area in which we feel has the largest potential for growth and further development and we strive to continue to provide our clients with the best and freshest ideas.
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DVD Packaging Machine
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@ DVD Packaging Machine This is the worldfs fastest DVD Packaging machine available today. It swiftly and accurately inserts the DVD disk, attaches the title card, and can even attach coupons that are not standard size. The KYDVD-200 is capable of inserting two discs.
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CD Packaging Machine
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@ CD Packaging Machine Now a solid replacement for cassette tapes, we offer this CD plastic case packaging machine which has a startling capacity of 100 PPM.

MD Packaging Machine
MD Packaging Machine This is our MD plastic sleeve casing inserter which is both fast and highly accurate.
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