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We develop production equipment based on the customer’s needs. Such as machines should be equipped not just with the necessary functions but also with customer’s specifications. In order to build the machines with all the knowledge, we custom design each machine to fit each customer’s specific needs using our extensive technologies. Contact us if you have any ideas for your current facility, we can help bring it to its fullest capability. We are here to help!


As competition increases in the consumable product market, our customer’s need increases. Such as the need to maximize added value of your products, to provide products that your customers desire as fast as possible, and/or to differentiate your products. Packages of your products are the most important contact point with your customers. Unique packaging requires unique functions on the packing machine. As a packing machinery specialist, Kyoto provide solutions to fit customers unique needs using the innovative technology.


We are a professional advisor for facility production organization as well as a packing machinery manufacturer. Maximizing the equipment’s capabilities requires various solutions not limited to equipment. Some ways we can help streamline your facility is through the optimal layout of machineries from upstream lines to the final shipping of products, packing, or other material supply system to machines, choosing the best packing materials, efficient operators’ work space. We will offer optimal solution to your factory.


IT related machinery has been one of our strongest driving forces. We are one of the first ones who developed Automatic Package Case Assembling Line for CDs as well as a fully automatic DVD assembling machine. The capacity of DVD assembler reaches 100 sets/min now.
Our Assembling Machines use computerized core parts such as LC displays, condenser, batteries. Developing a machine that is used for precision was one of our biggest challenges. Since we have introduced these to our customers; we have been receiving high praise and positive feedback.