Head Sales Office/Factory 377-1, Yodomizu-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto JAPAN  TEL +81-75-603-9119 (representative)  FAX +81-75-631-8850


Kyoto Seisakusho is a leading manufacturer of Packaging Machinery, who develops labor saving equipment for our customers and streamlines production in our customer’s facilities. We also provide a custom solution by providing comprehensive consulting staff that encompass planning, manufacturing, and distribution.
“Kyoto is determined to solve demanding challenges from our customers with our highest possible technological competence.” With this mission statement in mind, we strive to provide innovative technology to meet our customer’s needs for automation.







We develop production equipment based on the customer’s needs. Such as machines should be equipped not just with the necessary functions but also with customer’s specifications. In order to build the machines with all the knowledge, we custom design each machine to fit each customer’s specific needs using our extensive technologies. Contact us if you have any ideas for your current facility, we can help bring it to its fullest capability. We are here to help!